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In this digital age, everyone is connected via internet, this is drastically changing the way businesses interact with their customers. On top of emails and printed advertisements, - we have platforms like Social Media, TV, Mobile Devices etc. to promote the products and services. Salesforce platform is helping to adapt all these changes. Salesforce is a Cloud-based Customer Relationship platform that provides with the tools to interact with customers.


Our Salesforce Capabilities

Enabled by Salesforce, powered by a shared business perspective, and geared for innovative experiences, the new equation goes end-to-end with Salesforce to bring your customers closer with every click.

Implementations Sales Cloud Implementations Service Cloud Implementations
20 11 7
Certified Salesforce architects Salesforce admins & developers Salesforce BSA & QA Testing
5 33 15
 Salesforce Services

Our Major Salesforce Services:

  • Sales Cloud
    - Automate Everything
    - Increase Sales Productivity
  • Service Cloud
    - Empower Service rep with Service console
    - Communicate with Customers anywhere
  • Community Cloud
    - Personalize audience view (Customer, Partners, resellers)
    - Allow users to help each other
  • Marketing Cloud
    - Automate Campaign Planning
    - Strategies Email Marketing
  • Revenue Cloud
    - Automate complex billing requirements and electronic payments
  • Customization
    - Custom development allows to add scalable robust features for complex
      business requirements

Implementation Best Practices

We start with the business outcome you’re after — then help you get there more quickly, with our software accelerators, industry know-how and robust cloud engineering capabilities. Fast forward your business with IT America’s Cloud Transformation solution - a business-first approach to leveraging cloud.

With our deep industry experience, we have award-winning solutions and accelerators to help you enable the full potential of your Salesforce , while putting trust at the heart of your Salesforce transformation.

Let us help you maximize your Salesforce investment and unite your sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT, and analytics around the most valuable asset of your business — your customers

 Salesforce Best Practices Diagram

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