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ITA MongoDB Services

As a MongoDB partner, we provide with the guidance for all project phases, including system evaluation, architecture, design, resources planning, implementation, performance, and legacy data migration strategies.

Our Services

We can help you to identify the key factors influencing the database design and provide a step-by-step roadmap for the project.


We can manage implementation, product maintenance, renewals and upgrades as well as to handle any MongoDB product related requests.

Strategic Consulting

We provide solutions on Big Data adoption with both the hardware and software considerations, storage aspects, database parameters and database security enforced settings. We also cover the other important aspects as high availability, horizontal scaling, performance monitoring tools, data durability and various backup strategies.

Implementation & Maintenance, 3rd party Integration, Legacy Data Migration

Our engineers will work with your team to build MongoDB-based solutions with lower development costs, straightforward deployment and easy monitoring system, that seamlessly integrated with your existing enterprise application.

Use Case

Hardening of MongoDB systems for implementation into production We provide your SA’s and DBA’s with the detailed reference for a pre- and post MongoDB deploying.

MongoDB Services


  • Design Decisions
    • Key factors
    • Database design
      • Data Modeling
      • Schema Validation
    • Security and Privacy
      • Use TLS/SSL to encrypt communication channels between application and database.
      • Access control to specify the authentication mechanism SCRAM-SHA-1, SCRAM-SHA-256, LDAP, Kerberos or an existing external framework) to require all clients and servers to provide valid credentials before they can connect to the system.
      • Auditing for mongod and mongos instances to track system activity for deployments with multiple users and applications.
      • Native encryption option to encrypt data files such that only parties with the decryption key can decode and read the data.
    • Performance and Maintenance
      • Deployment with any topology, at any scale.
      • Deployment of new clusters and managing/monitoring and backing up existing ones.
      • Quick upgrades with no downtime.
      • Adding capacity, without taking application offline.
      • Point-in-time and Scheduled Backup: restore to any point in time.
      • Monitoring of system metrics and setup custom alerts
      • Query Optimization to identify slow-running queries, new index suggestions with automate index builds.
    • Data Consistency
      • Journaling will be enabled across all the Mongo database instances to provide durability in the event of a failure.
      • Use a higher level of Write concern to request acknowledgement from MongoDB for write operations.
      • Use the read concern option to control the recency, consistency, and isolation properties of the data read from replica sets and replica set shards.
    • Data Migration
      • Real-Time Continuous Big Data Integration - DBS-H Tool
    • Database Administration and Monitoring
      • Application servers
      • Database Servers
      • System Information
      • Database Management System Configuration
    • Backup
      • Backup by copying underlying datafiles with file system snapshots
      • Backup with mongodump (not recommended for large scale deployments)
      • MongoDB ops manager/cloud manage
      • Point-in-time, continuous and Scheduled Backup: restore to any point in time.
      • Queryable backups to perform targeted restores.
      • Backup/Restore with Datos IO (link)
    • Integrating with BI Tools such as QlikView, Tableau, Informatica