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Couchbase services


If you are still evaluating or already decided to move to NoSQL Couchbase solution, IT America can help you with every step of this process providing expertise, innovation, and leadership.

We have experienced professionals to work on architectural and development phases for your Couchbase project based on Statement of Work (SOW) or by integration with your team as an expert mentor - it allows you to pick the service you need and to get the most value from our engagement.

Using Couchbase.

Today’s Digital World is powered by the Internet with modern technologies: the cloud, mobile devices, big data and such.

Businesses more and more rely on the applications that interact with their customers 24/7 from any location, and with unlimited support of large number of concurrent users - while staying responsive and always available. NoSQL Couchbase could be used as the backend solutions for these new age applications with their unprecedented levels of scale, speed and data variability.

Open source NoSQL database is often considered as a standard choice for building high-sustainability systems, which is easy scalable with high performance and reliability required by modern standards.


With the Couchbase document-oriented database we help you to build applications by leveraging power of SQL and JSON. Create end-to-end Mobile Solution with sync capabilities to the data center or cloud.

IT America provides consulting services to deliver focused Couchbase solutions. Our team of certified professionals will assist you on projects that require Couchbase expertise and experience through our consulting, systems integration and implementation services.

Couchbase solutions.

We offer a wide range of consulting services and assist our clients throughout the full project lifecycle, including initial evaluation and POC.

Our skills cover:

  • Couchbase Server up to the v.5.5.x series
  • Couchbase Mobile Development and Sync Management
  • XDCR/Data Encryption
  • Memory Optimization
  • Rebalancing and Scaling
  • Backup/Restore and Monitoring

IT America as a Couchbase partner and can help you to achieve all your digital transformation goals.